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Lesaffre Corporation provides superior quality yeast and ingredients to the baking industry. Our portfolio includes a combination of out-of-the-box ingredients and custom solutions to optimize our customers’ formulations for performance, sensory experience, and operational efficiencies. The technical experts at our Baking Centers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Piscataway, New Jersey, specialize in tailoring solutions to our customers’ needs and collaborating in the development of new and improved ingredient systems.

We’re continually growing our product lines to solve the industry’s most pressing baking challenges and demands. Offering conventional, certified organic, and non-GMO baking solutions, we’re a partner to commercial bakers in the artisan, wholesale, retail, and foodservice markets throughout North America.

Our ingredient portfolio includes:

Fresh and Dry Yeasts

Our yeasts are uniquely formulated for a variety of baking applications and processes. As the essential ingredient in many bakery products, yeast impacts the baking process at every step—and the final end product. Our portfolio of yeasts includes non-GMO and organic options.

Deactivated Dry Yeasts

We offer deactivated yeasts for artisan, retail, in-store, wholesale, and foodservice bakers. Developed to correct baking flours and control their rheological characteristics, Relax® deactivated yeasts bring positive benefits to every stage in the baking process.

Dough Improvers

Dough improvers facilitate efficient, trouble-free production and improve the quality of yeast-raised bakery products. Our dough improvers can help solve your most critical baking challenges, from reducing mixing time to improving shelf life and increasing loaf volume and uniformity. Additionally, we are continually expanding our SafPro® ingredients line to include organic and clean label options, and we offer clean label dough conditioning through our Encore™ Plus portfolio.


As natural fermentation agents, sourdoughs actively help enrich the sensory profile of bread by developing its unique flavors and textures.

Malt Products

Malt ingredients offer both functional and aesthetic benefits for improving taste, color, and aroma.

Chemical Leaveners

Chemical leaveners are formulated to provide bakers optimum leavening action in a variety of baking applications.


Our 3-in-1 baking bases combine yeast, bread improvers, and flavor ingredients into a single convenient package for foodservice baking professionals seeking solutions that save time, are easy to use, and promise consistency every time.


Replacers enable bakers to replace common bread additives and perishable ingredients with effective substitutes that are easy to use, have a longer shelf-life, and don’t compromise product quality.

Yeast Foods

Yeast foods consist of a blend of ingredients which fulfill three important functions in doughs: they serve as:

  1. Yeast nutrients
  2. Oxidizing dough conditioners
  3. Water conditioners

Through our Delavau Bakery Partners by SafPro® group, we also offer solutions for:

Calcium Fortification

Through our patented fortification capabilities, bakers can incorporate calcium and other minerals with little to no impact on the eating experience.

Clean Label ESL

We offer clean label ESL ingredients and natural mold inhibitors, as well as clean label antimicrobial functionality that extends the shelf life of baked goods while maintaining a desirable eating experience.

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