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Do you know that we don’t just displace and replace ingredients, but that we also improve product performance and sensory experience in clean label applications? That we’re the first to offer organic yeast and the only with organic yeast made in the U.S.? Did you know that Lesaffre has solutions to optimize machinability, strength, and volume in all types of baked goods? Or that, every day, our expert technical team solves bakery formulation and process challenges at our customers’ bakeries or our Baking Centers around the country?

You may know Lesaffre for our world-class baking yeast and 170-year heritage, but you may not be familiar with our elite technical team and the other innovative ingredients we’ve developed.

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Our Products

In addition to our fresh, dry, and deactivated yeasts, we offer a range of innovative and high-quality baking ingredients for any application or process, from buns and rolls to pastries, bagels, pretzels, tortillas, and more.

Request a sample on our website to try one of our latest innovations:

Saf-Pro® STAR-ZYME® MDG Replacer

An enzyme-based alternative to mono- and diglycerides that provides short-term softness in pan breads, brioche and concha buns, rolls, cinnamon buns, sweet rolls, soft pretzels, and more with a lower usage level than MDGs.

Azteca™ MagnoPro 200

An all-purpose bread improver that is designed to bring volume and tolerance in bolillos, telerás, conchas, and Hispanic breads at minimal cost.

Other Ingredients

  • Dough Improvers: We offer dough improvers for every stage of the bakery process, whether you’re looking to reduce mixing time, improve shelf life, or increase loaf volume – with clean label and organic options.
  • Sours: Livendo® concentrates and powders enrich the sensory profile of fresh, par-baked, and frozen bread by developing the unique flavors and textures of sourdough.
  • Bases: Our 3-in-1 baking bases save time, are easy to use, and promise consistency every time.
  • Malts: Our malt ingredients provide both functional and aesthetic benefits for improving taste, color, and aroma.
  • Chemical Leaveners: Our industry leading single-acting and double-acting baking powders and specialty Angel Cream products – with organic options available – are ideal for a variety of quick breads, cookies, cakes, angel food, and other foam cakes.

Custom Solutions

We understand baking challenges – and how to help you solve yours. Our Baking Centers are equipped for specific applications and are staffed by master bakers and expert food scientists. Work with us to create tailored solutions for your toughest application challenges.

Lesaffre custom solutions for bakers.

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Visit LesaffreBaking.com, call 1-800-770-2714, or follow Lesaffre North America on LinkedIn. For small batch orders, visit LesaffreStore.com/Ordering.

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