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Lallemand Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company, and is a leading developer, producer and marketer of yeasts, bacteria and other microorganisms serving the baking, winemaking, distilling, ethanol, brewing, animal nutrition, dietary supplements, food, fermentation, pharmaceutical and plant care industries. Lallemand has more than 4,000 employees located in over 40 countries and active on all continents. Lallemand Baking supplies bakers yeast to bakers all around the globe and operates yeast plants in Canada, USA, Europe, UK, Russia and South Africa.

Flavor and Sourdough

  • Florapan® Flavor & Texture: for your individual bread quality, improved bread taste and flavor and high quality baked goods. Works in bread and fine pastry applications
  • Florapan® Starter Culture: consistent high sourdough quality, portfolio to produce any type of sourdoughs, easy and economic one step fermentation possible and a well defined acidity note and improved crumb texture.
  • Lallevain®: 100% natural sourdough powder to enhance the flavor profile of your products without using a long fermentation.

Yeast Products

  • Lal^Ferm® Quality Bakers Yeast: the new face for our North American fresh bakers yeast brands Eagle, Dakota and USA Yeast – same company, same quality. Fresh yeast for conventional, frozen, sweet and rich dough applications. Available in compressed, crumbled and liquid form.
  • FlexFerm®: Proof-tolerant fresh yeast for fresh, refrigerated dough processes for finished baked goods with little or no sugar.
  • Instaferm®: Instant dry yeast for conventional, sweet and organic dough applications, or for use in bread and pizza dry premixes.
  • InstaFerm® FlexFerm®: Proof tolerant dry yeast for fresh, refrigerated dough processes for finished baked goods with little or no sugar.
  • Instaferm® Vita D®: Vitamin D2 bakers dry yeast and premixes designed to replace the use of Vitamin D3 in bread, variety breads, buns, rolls and fine bakery products.
  • Fermaid®: Inactive yeast working as  a natural dough conditioner for improving dough extensibility and machineablity. Can be used for a wide range of applications include pizza, baguettes, bread, rolls, pastry, laminated products, bagels and pretzels.

Mixes & More

  • EuroPremix®: Dry flavor bases for bread and rolls, pizza, crackers and croutons.
  • TortiMix and TortiMaiz: Dry flavor bases for wheat flour tortilla and corn tortilla chips. Flavors available: onion, garlic, mole, jalapeno, tomato, and more.
  • Essential®: Wide range of enzyme-based ingredients to deliver clean label products. Available for various dough applications to improve dough tolerance and performance and overall baking quality.

Contact Us

Lallemand Inc. | 1620 Prefontaine Montreal | H1W 2N8 | Canada
[email protected] | 1 800.840.4047

Lallemand Baking Update

Lallemand Baking Update is produced by Lallemand Inc. to provide bakers with a source of practical technology for solving problems.

2804, 2020

The Science Behind Bread Staling

Brought to you by Lallemand Baking. Staling refers to the undesirable changes (other than microbial spoilage) that take place between the time bread is baked and consumed. Understanding the different aspects of staling and the factors that affect them can help bakers make better decisions about their formulas, ingredients, processes, and packaging. Aspects of [...]

210, 2019

Developing Unique Bread Flavors and Aromas

Brought to you by Lallemand Baking. Until recently, artisan bakeries have had the advantage of being more flexible in choosing their baking processes and ingredients to develop unique bread flavors. Now industrial bakeries can also have options if they pay attention to the fermentation steps. There is a general misconception that flavor compounds generated during [...]

2807, 2019

The Role of Yeast in Baking, Nutrition and Health

Yeast not only leavens dough and gives it a light, sponge-like texture—it provides flavor, aroma and contributes to the nutritional value of bread. Here's how it functions in bread, and boosts the benefits of the final baked good. In baked goods, yeast has three main roles. Leavening The carbon dioxide gas produced by yeast [...]

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