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The world’s leading manufacturer of technically driven baking powders and leavening agents supplying the industrial bakery market around the world.

About Us

Our mission has always been to create leavening agents suited to the complex technical requirements of the industrial bakery industry.

We have a passionate team of chemists and bakers who develop effective solutions, helping our customers make improvements to health and nutrition as well as overcome challenging formulations and bakery processes, and pride ourselves on providing our customers with unrivalled technical support. 

We export our products all over the world, offering direct delivery, or through our select distributor partners, allowing every potential customer access to our range of unrivalled leavening agents.

Our Solutions

Within our extensive range of products, we have leavening systems suited to any process or application, which can provide solutions to so much more than just aeration and volume, such as:

  • Sodium reduction 
  • SALP replacement
  • Colour enhancement
  • Chocolate enrichment
  • Gluten-free
  • Phosphate-free

…and many more


Our Products

Kudos Blends

Complete Baking Powders 

Our extensive range of baking powders has been developed to solve many of today’s bakery challenges – all in one, easy-to-use ingredient.

These complete blends include features such as colour enhancement, phosphate-free, shelf-life extension, SALP replacement, process tolerance, gluten-free and shape control.

Kudos Blends

Potassium Bicarbonate 

This is our healthier alternative to sodium bicarbonate that allows customers worldwide to reduce sodium in baked goods while maintaining optimum appearance, taste, texture and shelf-life. 

Our unique patented grades allow for full solubility in all bakery products.

Kudos Blends

Acidulant Blends 

As well as providing aluminium removal, our acidulant blends are designed to achieve excellent stability and a consistent reaction profile, offering flexibility to manufacturers who prefer to use their own combinations of leavening agents.

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Curious about the real-world impact? Delve into our case studies showcasing how our products can revolutionise the industrial baking industry.

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