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About Ingredion

At Ingredion, we turn plant materials into value-added ingredients in over 100 countries – making life better for brands, consumers and the planet. As demand for healthier and sustainable snack products grows, Ingredion has the portfolio, people and proprietary insights to help your brand create consumer-preferred, market-winning products. Our portfolio and team of experts in clean label, reduced sugar, protein-enhanced solutions can meet the challenge of delivering of better-for-you and better-tasting in every bite.

Tap into unmatched capabilities

Look to Ingredion for ingredient solutions that deliver exceptional performance and market-leading innovation. Our geographic footprint and diverse organization give us the capability to help you on a global scale and the agility to meet your needs in all of your local markets.

  • Reduce sugar: Leverage our sugar reduction expertise and broad sweetener portfolio to achieve great taste and texture in snack and bakery applications that can compete with full-sugar products.
  • Improve texture: Develop the perfect food texture in a fraction of the time with our robust portfolio of texturizers from proteins to systems and hydrocolloids – as well as our problem-solving technical and sensory experts.
  • Add plant protein: Create products that support the health and wellness of people and the planet with our portfolio of responsibly sourced plant-based proteins from North America.
  • Clean up and simplify labels: Offer simple labels on your baked goods with our range of functional flours and native starches.

Bite into our latest snacking guide

Develop savory snacks that appeal to consumer desire for more nutritious and clean label options – without compromising taste and texture that builds brand loyalty. To accelerate your snack innovation, download our Savory Snacking E-guide for useful insights and solutions:

  • Get proprietary insights on consumer-preferred features and claims
  • Learn how your brand can stand out with affordable, sustainable ingredients
  • Explore opportunities and ingredient solutions for product innovation

Ingredient portfolio:

  • Plant-based sweeteners (non-GMO available)
  • Plant-based protein isolates, concentrates and flours
  • Gluten-free solutions
  • Fiber and nutrition ingredients
  • Natural flavor modifiers
  • Fruit and vegetable concentrates, purees and essences
  • Functional flours, native and modified starches (non-GMO available)
  • Ingredient systems and specialty hydrocolloids

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With Ingredion you have a global network of innovation partners to help you create a new concept, troubleshoot a formulation or optimize a process.

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