dry yeast

Dry yeast is a natural leavener used in bread products.

Dry Yeast (Instant or Active)

What is Dry Yeast?

The dried form of yeast, used as a natural leavener, due to its ability to produce carbon dioxide from carbohydrate fermentation.


Grown from saccharomyces cerevisae.


Yeast has three major functions in the dough:
1) leavening
2) maturing
3) flavor and aroma


A low-moisture product of 5% (instant dry yeast) to 8% (active dry yeast). It is a granular and free flowing product.


Products can be stored unopened for up to 24 months at ambient temperatures. When opened, it can be refrigerated up to 3 months, or frozen up to 6 months in an airtight container. Active dry yeast requires rehydration in water, while instant dry yeast can be used directly. Levels vary from 1-3% flour weight.


Good source of protein and B vitamins.

FDA Legal Requirement

GRAS status (21CFR136.110)