Imaging technology for safe, efficient food production.
Have you heard about Hyperspectral Imaging Technology? It combines NIR spectroscopy with imaging ability. And it helps food processing companies improve operational efficiency and reduce product recall risk through automated food analysis.

The BakerGo from ImagoAI offers this technology in the form of a portable benchtop camera. Just put a sample of food on the tray and the camera will scan the product and show the results on the attached computer screen within seconds. As an imaging technique, it doesn’t require contact with the food to destroy or contaminate the sample. Hence, it is real-time, non-destructive and contact-less technology.

How does this technology best fit into the bakery industry?

Here’s are some things it can measure to improve quality:

  • Crust color to find optimal bake time and temperature
  • Cake moisture and hardness prediction
  • pH of finished or raw products
  • Aged flour
  • Ash in flour, as well as its protein and ash content
  • Total Titratable Acidity (TTA) to help control yeast, fermentation and flavor
  • Proper blending and mixing
  • Sugar and starch content
  • Allergens detection, for finished products or intermediate products before shipping
  • Cross contamination or foreign particles
  • Particle size index (PSI)

How accurate are the results?

The BakerGo performs 3x better than traditional spectroscopy methods such as NIR and other conventional methods. As it is based on machine learning and imaging technology, it gives objective and consistent results which are reproducible and repeatable. This method does not require any sample preparation steps to measure any of the parameters mentioned above. There is no need to peel or cut the sample. It doesn’t use any chemicals to conduct the test.

In the case of predicting chemical parameters such as protein, moisture, acidity, sugar etc, BakerGo needs around 30 samples to calibrate the equipment with ground truth reference values from primary methods such as wet chemistry. For applications such as foreign material detection, allergen detection or color, BakerGo doesn’t need any raw samples to calibrate the equipment.

Here’s how it works

The BakerGo, Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for safe, efficient food production.

​How big is the equipment?

BakerGo is lightweight and portable. Its dimensions are 150 x 85 x 77mm (LxWxH). Its compact size supports flexible installation locations.

How easy is it to use or install the BakerGo?

ImagoAI provides detailed manuals and instructions, videos and online training to set up and use the equipment. Once the system is installed, ImagoAI provides continuous support to update the system. Their team is available within 24 hours on request for any support.

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