In spite of popular opinion, eating bread is not a bad thing.

In spite of popular opinion, eating bread is not a bad thing.Bread gets a bad rap. Somehow, a myth is being spread that bread alone is responsible for weight gain and bloating. And that it should be avoided.

I don’t believe it. 

The scientific evidence simply isn’t there to back it up. What it does point to is that, with healthier options, bread provides numerous health benefits and prevents cravings. So that’s why I’m doing:

Eat Bread 90

Starting April 3rd, I will eat a loaf of bread every day, for 90 days. Why bread? Because I love bread! Why 90 days? According to nutritionists, it’s better to stay on a new diet for 90 days to fully experience its effects. Plus, I’m not going to give any half-baked effort.

Bread has been vilified globally and I hope to change that. It reflects a lack of basic nutritional knowledge on healthy bread choices that are a great source of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, all necessary for a healthier heart, mind and body. There is no scientific evidence showing that bread alone makes you fat but there is a lot of ‘fake news’ out there making bread the all-round bad guy for any kind of weight gain and sugar crash. I intend to prove them wrong by not gaining a single pound through this challenge.

Follow along! 

Come join me on my journey as I try different kinds of bread and track my progress at It might be the most exciting thing since sliced bread.

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