Softgrain Amber Sprouted Baguette


In Baker’s Percent: (%)


  1. With mixing spiral, mix 5 minutes first speed and then 5 minutes second speed.
  2. Dough temperature should be 75 – 78.
  3. Then, bulk fermentation for 30 minutes.
  4. The scale should be about 12 oz.
  5. It will then have intermediate proof in 20 minutes.
  6. The make up is a baguette
  7. For the final fermentation, overnight, an hour at room temperature the 25 minutes proofer at 95°F  and 85 % humidity.
  8. Cut it in 5 for the decoration after baking.
  9. The oven temperature should be in °C, first at 425°F then drop it to 385°F
  10. The baking time is about 22 minutes.