Fruit isn’t found much in the baking industry, unless we’re talking fillings and pies. But did you know that it can be used as an organic solution to fight mold? That’s right! Acids found in some fruits can reduce the pH in dough, helping in areas like flavor, color and nutritional profile. Here are a few for you to try:

Prune Juice Concentrate
Active ingredients: malic, Benzoic and Salicylic acid.
Works well with whole grain breads, reduces stalling and need for sugar, natural color enhancer.
◦ Use 9-12%

Raisin Paste Concentrate
Active ingredients: propionic and tartaric acid.
Works as a humectant, natural sweetener and flavor enhancer while boosting the nutritional profile.
◦ Use 5-10%

Raisin Juice Concentrate
Active Ingredients: propionic and tartaric acid.
Helps maintain breakage in crisp cookies and hold moisture in soft cookies, coloring and flavor agent.
◦ Use 5-10%

Something Stronger?

But what about when simply lowering the pH in your product isn’t enough? What if you need to disrupt the cellular membrane and processes? In that case, here are some other ways to naturally fight mold:

Active ingredients: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, related acids and alcohols
◦ Use 1-2% dry spice8

Active ingredients: Eugenol
◦ Use about 1% dry spice8

Cultured Wheat
Active ingredients: propionic, acetic and 3- phenyllactic acids and  bacteriocins
◦ Use 0.5-1% cultured wheat powder

Cultured Whey products
Active ingredient: acetic, propionic and lactic acids7
◦ Use 1-2% cultured whey products

These ingredients should give you a good start on getting rid of mold in your products. What are some of the common ways of mixing these approaches? Find out!

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