Dr. Carson at the Sourdough Library.

This year, I had the amazing privilege of exploring the Sourdough Library. It really is an incredible place!

As you may know, sourdough starters are going to differ in microbiology, depending on the culture used. And depending on the culture, the final taste and aroma will change.

So the sourdough library is a place to collect and study these differences.

The library comes from a long-term research program coordinated between Puratos and Prof. Marco Gobbetti from the University of Bari – an institution that already collects sourdoughs from around Italy. Over time, the collection is expanding to represent France, the U.S., China, Spain, Portugal, Australia and more!

Why is this important?

  • It ensures the survival of the many sourdough strains present throughout the world for years to come
  • It preserves sourdough biodiversity
  • It serves to disseminate knowledge about sourdough baking

Sourdough has a long and rich history, with much yet to be discovered. In today’s baking, we’re finding sourdough holds many answers and solutions: it’s perfect for clean label and it’s leading to exciting enzyme discoveries, just to name a few.

If you can’t make it Belgium to visit, you can take a virtual tour. Check it out!