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Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with expertise in the application of industrial enzymes and probiotics for baking. Learn more about our shelf-stable, pH-stable, and thermo-stable probiotic SEB LBSC (Bacillus coagulans), and the difference it will make in your beverages, cereals and baked goods! Partner with us for quality products and devoted service, allowing you to focus on creativity, innovation and success.

Enzyme Innovation offers:

  • Custom Probiotics & Enzyme Formulations
  • Unparalleled Technical & Enzyme Application Support
  • Full On-Site Testing in our ISO-17025-certified Laboratory
  • GMP-Certified & ISO 9001:2000 Manufacturing Facilities
  • Over 50 Years in Enzyme Research & Manufacturing

Enzymes for the Milling and Bakery Industry

With a consumer and industry focus on natural, clean label products, enzymes have become an essential ingredient for bakers. They offer natural solutions for replacing chemical dough conditioner ingredients while improving product quality. A few problems solved by enzymes include:

  • Rapid hardening of bread
  • Weak dough strength
  • Sticky dough
  • Less volume of bread
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Poor crumb color
  • Regulatory limitations with ingredients
  • Inconsistent wheat quality
  • Cracking of biscuits

Our highlighted products for baking include SEBake Fresh Ultra, a maltogenic amylase with excellent performance in high sugar and high fat goods, and FlavorSEB NP, a protease blend for production of bioactive peptides and debittered protein hydrolysates.

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Probiotics for the Baking Industry

Our premier probiotic SEB LBSC is a shelf-stable, pH-stable, and thermo-stable Bacillus coagulans LBSC DSM17654. A spore-forming microorganism, it has received GRAS notification, and is Kosher & Halal-certified, Non-GMO, gluten free and a clinically proven bacteria.

About Enzyme Innovation

With 60 years of enzyme manufacturing experience, Enzyme Innovation is committed to providing eco-safe solutions to companies around the globe for more than 25 industries, including food, feed and non-food. Our enzyme and probiotics solutions include proprietary blends, customized blends, and branded products, and our technical team works with you from conception to the finished product.

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