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Gluten-Free: If it Sticks

When gluten-free was a fad a few years ago, no one paid any attention to it. Now, it has shown itself as a formidable trend. It may stick around a little longer than most bakers desire.

Having formulation and processing issues with gluten-free baking? This is the book to read! Buy it today to learn more about how to replace gluten in any baking system.

Dough systems ebook

Thinking about putting in a new line, product extension, or even a new product? Wondering if there is one dough system that is superior to the others? The truth is that there isn’t.

This book will show you the advantages and disadvantages of sponge and dough, straight dough, flour preferments, water preferments and the remix method. It is also a tool to help you determine what you would want to implement in your bakery. The formulas are from white pan bread/bun formulas and can be tweaked accordingly to your product.

Get a sneak peak of some of the material covered in this e-book:

How to use the sponge and dough technique: