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At Dinies North America we are pioneering the way we treat the food we eat. UVC has been widely used for many years to treat our water and air, but less so in food processing. By using this chemical-free and byproduct-free technology, we can effectively use UVC as an antimicrobial kill step, and shelf life extender.

Dinies Technologies GmbH, Dinies North America’s parent company, was founded in Villingendorf Germany in 1979. With over 35 years of experience in UV-Technology, Dinies is an international supplier of UVC devices for the treatment of foodstuffspackagingpharmaceutical applications, and air handling.

Chemical-Free Kill Step and Shelf Life Extender

Our UVC equipment facilitates a 100% chemical free process with zero by-products. Perfect for organic and gluten-free breadstuff. It’s a completely natural solution, just like sunlight. UVC treatment of baked goods prior to final packaging kills surface pathogens, bacteria, and mold. Mold is enemy number one which decreases shelf-life. UVC is proven to inactivate mold before it matures, thereby increasing shelf-life potential.

Plug and Play Design

At Dinies, each UV Tunnel is built to order, and designed to either drop seamlessly into your processing line or serve as a standalone unit. This means each tunnel is designed specifically to your desired outcomes and specifications. We know that the craftsmanship, care, time, and thought that goes into designing each machine helps create a seamless and effective introduction to your processing line.

Food Safety

Using UVC in food processing applications is USDA HACCP Compliant. UVC is also an approved technology by the FDA and has been studied for over 30 years. The CDC and WHO have both endorsed UV treatment of foodstuffs as safe.

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If you are interested in learning more about extending shelf life and introducing UVC into your processing line, please reach out to our Business Development Manager, Nick Sturgess at 603.489.7083 or [email protected]

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