Fava or faba beans can be used in gluten-free baking, and as a source of protein.
Shelf life in baking is always a big topic. How far can you push your product? Whether you’re trying to increase your time, or just last a few days, you HAVE to look past your ingredients.

Look at: Sanitation Plans

Keeping equipment, surface areas, floors and air filters clean and dry can impact shelf life in a big way. To truly be effective, a sanitation plan will help you stay on track.

An sanitation plan should include things like:

  1. Scheduled daily and periodic cleaning
  2. Written sanitation procedure to explain how sanitation tasks should be accomplished
  3. Training to help personnel understand the program and carry it out correctly
  4. Chemical use policy, and instructions for choosing and using cleaning chemicals properly
  5. Inspections to check on the cleaning
  6. Validation to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness

But proper sanitation needs to start from the beginning. That’s why a key prerequisite for food production is Sanitary Design. This covers things from building design to layout to the equipment used.

Sanitary design focuses on:

  • Materials of construction for food and nonfood contact surfaces (e.g., metals, plastics, composites, elastomers)
  • Design and fabrication of food and nonfood contact surfaces

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