Create a HACCP Plan for Your Bakery.

A very important (and hopefully obvious) point for food production: food safety procedures are a top priority. Having clear checks and systems in place can save you a lot of waste and worry in the long run.

A great place to get started? 

A HACCP plan. The foundation of any food safety program, it’s a systematic approach to food safety management that aims at identifying and evaluating the food safety hazards (biological, chemical and/or physical) that are likely to occur at any stage in the food supply chain and establishes controls to prevent them from happening.

What are the key points?

Some elements to include are:

  1. A trained HACCP team
  2. Product description
  3. Intended use
  4. Process flow diagrams
  5. Hazard analysis chart (HACCP Principle 1)
  6. Critical Control Points (CCP) identification (HACCP Principle 2)
  7. HACCP Control Chart (HACCP Principles 3-7)

What does a plan look like? Check it out!