18 01, 2024

AB Mauri

AB Mauri® North America is a division of AB Mauri, a global leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products. The Oven Light, The Podcast for Professional Bakers Industrial & artisan baking doesn’t have to be so complex. Let the expert team from AB Mauri North America shed some light on ingredients, finished baked [...]

15 08, 2023


Experts in Gas Analysis BlueSens is a renowned German manufacturer of analytical gas measurement technology, which is mainly used in the bioprocess industry. BlueSens was founded 2001 and is headquartered in Herten, Germany. The US subsidiary is in Wood Dale, Illinois. BlueSens’ core business is the development, production and sales [...]

31 07, 2023

Select Custom Solutions

www.selectcustomsolutions.com  Whether sweet or savory, fresh or frozen, the best baked goods come from the best ingredients. Experimentation and innovation are essential in keeping up with industry trends and consumer preferences. The bakery industry can face challenges when rapid price changes for fundamental ingredients occur. Variables in the egg and milk-based powder markets, paired [...]

21 02, 2022

Vantage Food

Enabling our Customers to Feed the World™ Vantage® Food is a market leader in the baking industry.  We work collaboratively with our customers to provide custom solutions for any food operation, large or small.  Our integrated approach includes industry experts, processing ingredients, and precision spray equipment that help increase operational [...]

17 09, 2021

Enzyme Innovation

A TRUE ENZYME & PROBIOTICS MANUFACTURER Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, and an unparalleled expertise in industrial probiotics and enzymes. We provide clean-label, eco-safe solutions to more than 25 industries, including baking, food and beverage, craft brewing and animal feed. Our enzyme solutions improve everything [...]

11 02, 2019

Arla Foods Ingredients

www.arlafoodsingredients.com A leading whey ingredient supplier – all over the world Arla Foods Ingredients is a leading whey ingredient supplier for infant nutrition, baking, dairy, medical applications and sports nutrition. We’re known for having the industry’s highest levels of quality, innovation and food safety. Our functional and nutritional whey proteins, milk minerals, lactose and [...]


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