19 04, 2023

A&A Baking

At A&A Baking, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive advice on bakery machinery, products, confectionery, and pastry. The company was developed by a 4th generation family of bakers who understand the bakery business unique needs and issues. We also have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals at a pace you [...]

29 03, 2023

Nepra Foods

www.neprafoods.com INTRO Nepra is a multi-category market leader in delicious allergen-free and plant-based food ingredients and consumer products. Through technology and a world-leading team of chefs, master bakers, food scientists, and nutrition experts we are solving the nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow. Nepra has developed and sourced specialty ingredients and blends that make [...]

27 01, 2023


Since 1923, Brabender® has been a leading supplier of measurement and process technology solutions for the milling, baking and pasta industries. In 1928, Brabender developed the Farinograph, the world’s first and still most widely used device for testing the quality of flour, measuring its water absorption capacity and the dough’s kneading properties. Our state-of-the-art [...]

7 07, 2022

KPM Analytics

At the heart of your product brands are craftspeople, caring for their bakery products and the people who consume them. They deserve to work with partners and suppliers that stand with them for the highest level of care, consistency, and assurance. At KPM, we provide quality assurance to the world’s best food brands. We’ve [...]

17 05, 2022

ASR Group

ASR Group is a leader and innovator in sweetening solutions, with more than 150 years of experience taking sugarcane from the farm to the table.  We manufacture and distribute a full line of sweetener solutions to businesses, institutions, and companies across the U.S.  As the world’s largest sugarcane refiner and marketer, we have achieved [...]

21 02, 2022

Vantage Food

OUR VISION: Enabling our Customers to Feed the World™ Vantage Food™ is a market leader offering customized solutions, in-house research and development, and an extensive portfolio of food processing ingredients. Our offerings include release agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, processing aids, shortenings, esters, polysorbates, antifoams, specialty ingredients, spraying equipment, and much more. [...]

7 02, 2022


More Than Yeast Do you know that we don’t just displace and replace ingredients, but that we also improve product performance and sensory experience in clean label applications? That we’re the first to offer organic yeast and the only with organic yeast made in the U.S.? Did you know that [...]

7 02, 2022


With over 75 years of revolutionizing conveyor belts, Ashworth continues to lead the market with the most conveyor belt patents for industries that include commercial baking and food processing. Companies around the world depend on Ashworth’s quality products, reliable customer service, and innovative solutions to resolve problems and increase productivity. Ashworth Factory Service offers a full range of [...]

5 10, 2021

Holton Food Products

Our Company Since 1946, Holton Food Products has been helping its customers succeed by providing quality ingredients, customized product development and technical support—all fueled by strong food science and applications experience.  We specialize in texture and stability improvement in many types of baked goods and desserts. Our ingredient systems work in challenging applications where freeze-thaw [...]

17 09, 2021

Enzyme Innovation

A TRUE ENZYME & PROBIOTICS MANUFACTURER Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, and an unparalleled expertise in industrial probiotics and enzymes. We provide clean-label, eco-safe solutions to more than 25 industries, including baking, food and beverage, craft brewing and animal feed. Our enzyme solutions improve everything [...]


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