1 11, 2021

Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies What are Butter Cookies? Butter cookies are one of the most  consumed cookies around the world. They are  made with simple ingredients such as butter, wheat flour, sugar, and less frequently, eggs. These cookies resemble English tea cakes and Scottish shortbread. 1 Danish butter cookies sold in round tin cans [...]

1 11, 2021

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake Also known as tres leches bread or three milks cake What is Tres Leches Cake? Tres leches cake is a moist dessert made with a sponge cake soaked in three different milks, as the name implies. It’s a Latin American cake that can be eaten plain or with a [...]

1 11, 2021

Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpernickel Bread Also known as dark rye bread What is Pumpernickel Bread? Pumpernickel bread is one type of rye bread which is prepared with little or no wheat flour addition. Its name comes from the word “pumpernickel flour” which is a coarsely ground whole rye meal with a dark color. Pumpernickel bread [...]

1 11, 2021

Dough Sheeting

Dough Sheeting What is Dough Sheeting? In baked goods production dough sheeting is the act of flattening a dough piece. The starting dough piece can be used for either pan bread or laminated products. Sheeting can be done mechanically using dedicated machines, or manually.  The most basic design for a dough sheeter [...]

30 09, 2021


Breadstick Also known as Grissini What is a Breadstick? Breadstick is one type of yeast-leavened dry bread characterized by a crispy and crunchy texture resembling that of pretzels, crisp flatbreads and crackers. Breadsticks are made from a somewhat lean formulation which in most cases does not contain any added sugar or honey.  [...]

30 09, 2021


Snickerdoodle Also known as cinnamon butter cookies What is a Snickerdoodle? Snickerdoodle, or cinnamon butter cookies, are drop cookies which are characterized by having a cracked surface and can be crunchy or soft depending on the baking time, thickness and shape they are given before baking. If the spooned or scooped soft [...]

29 09, 2021

Gluten-free Cake

Gluten-free Cake What is Gluten-free Cake? Gluten-free cake is a bakery speciality product made with alternative flours that contain little to no gluten, typically formulated for consumers with celiac disease.1 Replacing gluten with suitable ingredients in cakes and baked goods remains a major challenge for formulators due to the important role of [...]

3 09, 2021


Nutri-Score Also known as 5-Colour Nutrition label or 5-CNL What is Nutri-Score? The Nutri-Score, also known as the 5-Color Nutrition label, is a nutritional rating system that was selected by the French government in March 2017 to be displayed on food products. The Nutri-Score label is based on a 5-color coded scale [...]

3 09, 2021

Tunnel Oven

Tunnel Oven Also known as continuous oven What is a Tunnel Oven? Tunnel ovens are continuous baking equipment which can be either direct gas-fired (DGF) or indirect heating units.The heart of high-speed production lines, they usually define the output capacity of the plant. Dividers, proof boxes, cooling towers and bagging equipment are [...]

2 08, 2021

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake What is Red Velvet Cake? Red velvet cake is a delicious cake often covered with sweet cream cheese frosting. The name “Red Velvet” is a reflection of its characteristic deep red or burgundy color and its smooth texture.1 The recipe for red velvet cakes has won the hearts of [...]


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