22 02, 2022

Vegetarian Baking

Vegetarian Baking What is Vegetarian Baking? Vegetarian baking involves the production of baked goods to meet the requirements of the following diets: Lacto-ovo vegetarians Lacto vegetarians Ovo vegetarians Vegans Traditional artisan-type bread, rustic bread, and many other sweet baked goods may be considered inherently vegetarian products. Cereal flour, water, baking powder, yeast, [...]

22 02, 2022

Snack Bars

Snack Bars What are Snack Bars? Snack bars are ready-to-eat baked products made with a variety of ingredients such as granola, oats, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, coconut oil, honey, peanut butter, or others.1 Portability and nutrition are the main characteristics of snack bars. Consumers view them as a great alternative to highly [...]

21 02, 2022

Par-baked Dough

Par-baked Dough Also known as partially baked dough What is Par-baked Dough? Par-baked dough is a dough that is partially baked. It can be stored frozen or at room temperature under a modified atmosphere to prolong its shelf life for future consumption. Par-baked products are baked to the point of crumb [...]

21 02, 2022


Chips What are chips? Chips are snack products which can be made from either cereals or tubers, such as corn or potatoes. Potato chips are perhaps the most famous snack products ever consumed. Chips can be made using several processing technologies, or their combinations, including: Extrusion cooking Frying Drying Extrusion and frying [...]

21 02, 2022

Ball Mill

Ball Mill Also known as dry ball milling What is a ball mill? A ball mill is a size reduction or milling equipment which uses two grinding mechanisms, namely, impact and shear.1 Unlike other size reduction equipment, such as breakers and jaw crushers, ball mills are capable of producing powders and particulate [...]

23 12, 2021

Release Agent

Release Agents What is a Release Agent? Release agents are substances that aid the removal of food products from their molding or packaging. In the baking industry, release agents help remove baked goods from baking pans, moulds, tins, trays, conveyor belts or packaging. The most commonly used release agents are lipids such [...]

30 11, 2021

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake What is Carrot Cake? Carrot cake is a sweet American cake which is made with carrots, spices and walnut pieces.  It’s commonly topped with cream cheese frosting and marzipan carrots.1 Popularized during the health craze of the late 20th century, carrot cake is regarded as a healthier alternative due to [...]

30 11, 2021

Converyorized Oven

Conveyorized Oven Also known as continuous oven What is Conveyorized  Oven? A conveyorized oven is a continuous baking equipment that is designed often as direct gas-fired (DGF) heating units. These ovens are almost exclusively used by high-speed bakeries producing thousands of dough pieces per hour. Conveyorized ovens use a transportation system that [...]

30 11, 2021

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie What is Boston Cream Pie? Boston cream pie is not a pie at all but a sponge cake (or other yellow batter cake) filled with a pastry cream and topped with a freshly cooled chocolate ganache for enrobing.1 A traditional Boston cream pie has 3 main components: Vanilla batter [...]

30 11, 2021

FDA Standard of Identity

FDA Standard of Identity What is FDA Standard of Identity? An FDA Standard of Identity is a collection of US identity statements which define food products that are packaged and marketed. They describe in detail: What a food product must contain (i.e. composition) How the food product must be proportioned How the [...]


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