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Since 1923, Brabender® has been a leading supplier of measurement and process technology solutions for the milling, baking and pasta industries.

In 1928, Brabender developed the Farinograph, the world’s first and still most widely used device for testing the quality of flour, measuring its water absorption capacity and the dough’s kneading properties.

Our state-of-the-art application laboratory is available to our customers in South Hackensack, NJ where you have access to our product line to learn how you can reliably determine flour and dough properties, simulate the production process on a laboratory scale, and optimize your products. Our experts are available to help with new product development as well.

Product Overview

GlutoPeak | Brabender

The Brabender GlutoPeak measures the gluten quality of meal, flour, vital gluten and baking mixes in a rapid process. The results provide information about the suitability for different purposes.

Brabender 3-Phase System

Simulation of the complete production process

Phase 1: Farinograph
Determination of the optimum dough conditions for stable production.

Farinograph-TS | Brabender

Phase 2: Extensograph
Practice-oriented dough control, prediction of processing properties and bread volume.

Extensograph-E | Brabender

Phase 3: Amylograph
Prediction of baking properties and crumb structure.

Amylograph-E | Brabender

  • Characterization of flour and dough
  • Basis for agreements between millers and bakers
  • Quality control close to the production conditions
  • Statements about realistic processing properties
  • Higher turnover and profit optimization
  • Analyze gluten-free flour for plastic dough with the Brabender laboratory instruments and make gluten-free pasta and snacks. From sample preparation to food extrusion, you will find suitable solutions for the entire manufacturing process.

See our extensive product portfolio for gluten-free materials:

Gluten-free flour | Brabender


  • ViscoQuick
  • TwinLab F-20/40
  • Twin-Screw Compounder B-TSE-A 20/40
  • Farinograph-TS
  • Viscograph-E
  • Break Mill SM4
  • Quadrumat Junior
  • Moisture Tester MT-CA
  • Stand-alone extruder KE19

Quality is measurable – with high-precision and sustainable technology from Brabender.

We are proud to celebrate our 100th anniversary!

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