The benefits of baking with flaxseed.
I started my business FlaxSnax in hopes of fighting heart disease after losing my husband very young to a heart attack. I wanted to make a difference in the baking world, because, well, I’m four generations in the food business and first generation in the U.S. Even my great grandparents were bakers in Poland – so it’s in my blood.

What are the health benefits of baking with flaxseed?

For starters, flaxseed is rich in omega-3. It was well known 2004 when I started my business that it reduced blood pressure, and lowered both cholesterol and triglycerides. This was the trifecta of heart disease concerns.

Now, we know flaxseed helps to reduce inflammation with its omega-3s. The fiber in flaxseed helps like a soft brush clearing plaque from our arterial walls—helping all bodily systems, even more so than fish oils. Plus, flaxseed is clean and plant based, without concerns of mercury and toxins that are unfortunately found in fish.

With anti-inflammatory diets getting a lot of buzz, this is not only a new trend but a seed change of understanding. The real culprit to heart disease and most illnesses is inflammation. Inflammation is too often caused when our omega-6 and our omega-3s are out of balance. In our modern world of fast food, our omega-6s are way out of control. What used to be a 2:1 ratio has become a 25:1 ratio. It’s why we have so much heart disease.

Other reasons to eat flax

Flaxseed also helps brain function and our immune systems. Plus, of course, is an excellent source of fiber. However, it has so many more benefits than bran. If you need to know more benefits of flaxseed, I’m almost afraid to suggest more because it sounds like snake oil. However, this omega-3 essential oil helps manage diabetes, supports digestive health, helps balance hormones (in case you know any crazy women) and it may even help with lowering cancer risk.

Flaxseed is powerful in the hands of bakers

I was hoping that just like adding folic acid to flour is slowing Down Syndrome, adding flaxseed to our baking world could fight our number one killer: heart disease. And the bakers of the world could be the heroes in fighting this disease too.

FlaxSnax muffins offer a daily therapeutic dose of flax, not just a fairy dust amount. In fact, they have more omega-3 than a serving of wild salmon. Offering Omega-3s in baked goods is a win-win for everyone. Because everyone needs more omega-3!

But all that being said, flaxseed is simply delicious and that’s the best benefit. Our flax-based baking blends are designed to allow great versatility. You can bake many seasonal recipes of muffins, cookies and cakes. And no matter what you’re baking with flaxseed, you are offering a nutritional choice without being low-fat, low-carb, low anything. Just the best, moist and delicious muffin.

Flax tastes different, depending on where it’s grown and how it’s milled. The name flax unfortunately sounds like it may be dry. But on the contrary, it offers moistness to your baked goods and a wonderful nut-like flavor. It’s also gluten-free.

A solution for today

All baked goods seem to be a comfort food. Flaxseed baked goods are a nutritional comfort food, which is even more important in these unprecedented times.These flax blends are used at the finest hotels across the country with the fussiest of Pastry Chefs for more than a decade, like Four Seasons, JW Marriott, Hyatt and Fairmont hotels.

Now that these flaxseed baked goods are proven, I want to focus on you, the baker – the people who can really make a difference fighting heart disease. Learn more at 

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