Have You Tried Baking with Oat Fiber?

Have you tried baking with oat fiber?

Why should you bake with oat fiber? There’s more than one reason! One is that it can add some key functionality to your formula. It has excellent adhesive, absorbent and textural qualities.

Some of the functional benefits:

  • Improve shelf life
  • Retain more moisture
  • Replace gums and carrageenan
  • Reduce breakage in cereals, chips, snacks, etc.

Another reason is for your label

Oat fiber will boost your dietary fiber levels. Plus it’s gluten-free and can be organic or 100% natural, depending on your supplier. So it’s a great ingredient for healthy, clean-label products! It is 96% carbohydrate in the form of insoluble dietary fiber. The hulls contain 30–35% fiber, 30–35% pentosans, and 10–15% lignans, protein, and ash – the third of these is high in silicic acid.

How much oat fiber should you use?

For best results, use between 3-5% flour weight. The amount will depend on what products you’re making.

Research done by Kamaljit et al. replaced wheat flour in bread formulations with oat fiber. The study concluded that it could be used at 3% to 5% weight of wheat flour in bread formulas. It increased fiber content and maintained standard shelf life when compared with a 5-day control. Organoleptically, the bread with oat fiber at 5% or less earned higher ratings for acceptability from panelists. Scores were given for appearance, crust color, aroma and taste.

The acceptability score for oat fiber bread was 7.79 in comparison with the control  score of 7.86.4The study looked at qualities such as baking absorption, loaf volume, loaf height, and specific volume, and achieved best results at a 3% usage rate.


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