Sourdough bread is hot and the baking industry is all in for its sweet returns.

Sourdough bread is hot and the baking industry is all in for its sweet returns. Sourdough is the whole package:

  • Artisan
  • Perfect for clean label
  • Available in an endless number of variations

Why all the buzz?  Well, in addition to the above benefits, the natural sourdough process allows for baked goods with increased digestibility, good nutrition, an extended shelf-life and a desirable texture and flavor.

This healthy, natural bread not only tastes great, but is a simple blend of flour and water. There is no need for commercial yeast or dough conditioners because the naturally-present wild yeast and lactic acid do all the magic.

While sourdough might be one of the simplest breads to make, optimizing its flavor and texture is highly complex.  Finding and nurturing the perfect starter for the right “sour” taste and developing the skill set for baking this perfectly aerated bread are proficiencies gained through guidance and experience.

It’s More than Just the Recipe

Understandably, the starter and fermentation of sourdough bread gets a lot of focus. However, if you really want to make a product that stands out and fosters brand loyalty, you’ll need to pay attention to the process as well. Over-proofing and over-baking are common mistakes, especially with artisan bread like sourdough. The good news is, with the right thermal profiling tools, proper monitoring and adjustment can help avoid conventional and costly pitfalls.

Increase Your Sourdough Bread Smarts

Serious sourdough bakers—or those who want to be—should plan to attend BAKERpedia’s Sourdough Growth Hacking Seminar on December 12th, where the magic of consistently developing the perfect sourdough flavor and texture will be revealed.

The class is tailored to provide skill-building opportunities, idea-generators and valuable resources in a one-day experience. Expert bakers, researchers and sourdough specialists will share their expertise to help you expand your sourdough baking IQ, refine your skill set and ensure you have the right tools for the task.

At the end of the seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the optimal flour for your application and select the ideal sourdough starter
  • Manage the sourdough baking process to consistently arrive at the ideal texture and flavor
  • Leverage the Seminar content and insight to bake the perfect sourdough every time

Attend Live or Online

Ready to develop new products, troubleshoot existing challenges and improve business profits?  The Sourdough Growth Hacking Seminar will be offered on December 12, 2019 two ways:

  • In-person at the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon
  • Online, so participants can live stream from anywhere and benefit from interactive discussion

If you work in quality control, management, research, product development or are just a passionate baker, you will want to attend this unique one-day workshop. Find answers to processing and quality questions and come back to your bakery with fresh ideas.

Want to Turn Sourdough into Sweet Results?

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity, sign up now to secure your space and perfect your sourdough baking skills. More information can be found at here.