There's lots happening to your product and it's texture in the oven.

There’s lots happening to your product and it’s texture in the oven.

It’s almost magical—runny batter and sticky dough go into the oven, and fluffy, crusty products come out. Thanks to science and technology, it’s not a mystery how this happens or how to perfect it.

Take Starch Gelatinization
Or the reaction of starch getting baked, which turns runny solutions into viscous baked goods. Starch, the main component of grain based flour, swells and absorbs water during baking. The amount of swelling and native crystalline melting that happens depends on factors such as:

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Available Water

Optimize starch gelatinization and you’ll optimize texture.

No More Guessing!
This is where the technology comes in. By running a thermal profile, you will gain a clear picture of exactly when starch gelatinization is happening in your oven, and if you are hitting the right factors to achieve your product’s perfect texture.

Ideal starch gelatization is different depending on the product. Discover what’s best for yours!

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