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Bakery Concepts Rapidojet model #RJ5000

Rapidojet model #RJ5000


Increase water absorption and hydration with the Rapidojet. The Rapidojet is a high-powered jet that hydrates dry powders with atomized water. An invention by Dr. Bernhard Noll, this revolutionary mixer is just starting to make waves in the baking industry.

Rapidojet Benefits:

  • Radically hydrate from 40% to over 350% – Hydrate a free flowing powder AND produce a flowable liquid sponge or hydrate minor ingredients with the same machine. (700 – 7,000 kg./hr).
  • Increased Yield – 5-10% increase in yield due to flour pre-hydration to the existing mixer.
  • Reduced mixing time – by as much as 50% due to proper hydration of the functional portion of the flour.
  • Significant reduction in ingredient costs – Due to homogeneous process and higher hydration. A decreased usage levelsof vital wheat gluten (approx. 20%), yeast and dough conditioner.
  • Increased Quality – Longer shelf life, increase softness, better volume and strength, because of homogeneous mix and higher hydration level. A minimum of 5% – 8% more water to achieve same dough consistency.
  • Increased Worker Safety when mixing BattersNo more vertical mixers, hoists or removable bowls for batters. Mix with Rapidojet and pump directly to the depositor.
  • Increased Product Safety – 12 gauge, 304 SS, NEMA 4, Sanitary, wash down design along with automated ingredient feeding (by others) reduces scaling errors and contamination.
  • Extreme versatility in product output – Adjustments to hydration and recipe via plc.  This is accomplished almost instantly.
  • Significant reduction in labor costs – Ability to run batters in continuous or batch mode.
  • Significant reduction in power consumption – Vs. conventional mixing.  Approximately 1.5 kWh/ton of dough vs. 15 kWh/ton for average mixer.
  • Temperature control – Almost zero increase in temperature; Temperature control by water temperature. Minimal friction imparted upon product. Reduced need for ice or coolant in mixing.
  • Significant reduction in Spare Parts costs – Over time via elimination or reduction of the use of a mixer as well as some make-up equipment for lamination lines.
  • Rapid changeover – from one product to another – minimal equipment change required from one product to another.  Also, adaptaption of recipe is possible while running the machine; changes can be seen immediately.
  • No gluten washout – when pumping fermented sponge through a heat exchanger. Results in less down time for sanitation.
  • 100% gelatinization possible – using superheated water (mix and heat at the same time).  This has resulted in substantial natural shelf life extension.
  • High efficiency outputs – RJ 700 will produce 400 kg. – 1200 kg. / hr. depending upon the hydration level of the dry product.  The RJ5000  (Figure 1.) will produce 3,000 – 10,000 kg./hr. depending upon hydration level.  For example, the RJ5000 will produce about 10,000 kg. / hr. of Biga or fully mixed dough at the 70% hydration level.
  • Minimum space floor needed 
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Mobile

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