Thinking of formulating a new product? Or does a current one need some adjustment? Maybe you’re trying to substitute one ingredient for a gluten-free or fat-free one. For these questions and hundreds of other ones, the answer lies in the function of key ingredients.

Dr. Lin Carson and Dr. Jayne Bock carry on their discussion of functional ingredients in this episode, diving into the many factors at play in baked goods. What are the important features and roles of ingredients? What influencers should you be aware of and how can you adjust?

The key ingredients discussed are:

  • Water temperature and hardness
  • Sugar browning and other reactions
  • Salt function
  • How ingredients influence shelf life and quality

Of course these ingredients and their functions are just part of a baking formula. What about fat, fiber, eggs, dairy and all the other minor ingredients? These play essential roles as well.

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