Take a close look at flour, and you’ll find a lot of valuable information there. Understanding the makeup of flour gives insight into baking factors such as protein, starch, and moisture. Another key aspect of flour science is analyzing it. Because types and even batches of flour can differ in composition.

In this episode of BAKER Campcast, grain and flour experts Dr. Lin Carson and Dr. Jayne Bock discuss components of flour, their functionality and different analytical methods.

This covers topics such as:

  • Just what flour is made of
  • The function of the components of flour
  • Flour moisture
  • Other grain flours like sorghum, corn, barley and rice
  • Testing flour quality

As a baker, it’s absolutely critical to have some basic understanding of flour quality testing – it’s a way to clearly communicate with your miller or supplier what the optimal flour is for your process and product. And this episode is the perfect place to start.

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