What does it take to be a Titan in the baking industry? In this surprising interview, Baking Hall of Fame inductee, Cordia Harrington talks about her entry into the baking industry.

In 1996 she broke ground on her bakery, owning just 51% of it. With no manufacturing or bakery experience, she borrowed $15M from the bank just with a handshake from McDonalds. Now, her company is a giant in the industry.

A risk taker, Cordia shares her tips as a woman in business on how to remain focused and clear with conversations. Cordia remains very optimistic about the future of baking and shares her vision for The Bakery Cos.

Another baking titan to take note of is Rowdy Brixey. In this humble chat, we learn how Rowdy started in the industry. As you may know, he was previously an ASB Chairman and led the charge to many of the new changes we’ve seen in ASB.

A seasoned engineer, Rowdy talks about the team and why “the “best wrench” may not be the right person to train or lead your team. Most often, when your “best wrench” leads your team, quality of work may slip, and you may see it too late. This may lead to Run to Failure, which due to the continuation of bad practices.

Need more information? Rowdy is partnering with ASB on a Run To Failure class. Go to asbe.org for more information.

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