Are you having issues juggling a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program? Or how do you prevent grease from contaminating your food? Our first guest has the answers to these questions and more.

Meet Bill Steadman from AIB International. Bill is the Manager, Quality Assurance, GMP North America. Bill reveals that contamination risk is one of the biggest issues with the lack of PMs. In this podcast, Bill also provides the top 3 tips for an effective PM program:

  • Design standards
  • Scheduling
  • Accountability program.

Our second guest is a seasoned engineer. James Lubsby has been a consultant in engineering for the last 30 years. One of the frequent problems that James experiences is the lack of bake out in products, causing bread to cave-in. He attributes this to the lack of understanding of how oven works, and this can be addressed with training. Oven PM program is important to prevent lateral heat issues that contributes to product quality.

He also recommends solutions if your oven set points cannot be met and what indicators to look for when your oven fails.

This episode is brought in part to you by AIB international. Call 785-537-4750 before June 30th to get 20% off your next in-plant training.

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