What will be trending in 2018? Doug Peckenpaugh of BNP media gives us an overview of the top trends to watch. It’s not just clean label, but organic and fresh foods as well.

Some of the other questions we dive into are:

  • Is old new again?
  • What does “health halo” really mean?

In the end, value price products needs to be part of the core of the business for every baker in order for bakers to thrive in their businesses.

In this episode, we also talk about why FODMAPS are important. With up to 15% of our population suffering from IBS, Manildra Australia has launched an innovative FODMAPS free mix that caters to this population. With this FODMAPS free mix, people can enjoy bread that they couldn’t before. Would this give commercial bakers a new product line? To ask for a sample, email Carter at [email protected].


Doug Peckenpaugh

Carter Wands