The biggest baking show deserves more than one podcast! Part 2 of BAKERpedia at IBIE 2019 includes virtual reality, innovative bake lines, and delicious toppings.

Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends.

Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019!

Virtual Inspector & BakePro Certification with AIB International

Training continues to evolve, and more facilities are looking for convenient options. So AIB offers online classes, and customized training based on the company’s equipment and products. There’s also the virtual inspector, which teaches employees how do self inspections in an engaging, game-like way.

Gluten-free Solutions with PGP International

Learn about this range of organic rice products. From functional flours like pre-gels to extruded goods that can be topical or inclusions, PGP has solutions for your gluten-free products.

Digital Humidity Sensor from Reading Thermal

Understanding moisture content and dew points is important for more than one reason. And Reading Thermal has just launched a digital humidity sensor with anti-saturation technology, which means it measures very high dew points in very high temperatures.


In today’s baking industry, it’s all about finding ways to have a high output with great flexibility. That’s what the MECAFLEX Line does, allowing you to produce all kinds of products like croissants, breads, baguettes and muffins all on the same line!

Fiber Solutions with Grain Millers

Oats are a great way to add fiber to your products. And with Grain Miller’s new milling facility, you can get their range of products with gluten-free certification.

Dream Line by Auto-Bake

This massive line has an output of one ton per hour. And it can be operated by just one person! Plus you can get it installed in a fraction of the time of other lines.

Smart Equipment from Burford

Do you need to cover your bread in seeds? Here’s a way you can do it with no water! It uses a dry sanitation process. But first, learn about their smart water scoring equipment.

Fleurage Semolina & Seed Toppings by Lesaffre

Looking for a way to enhance the flavor of your bread products, while adding texture and visual appeal? Dr. Lin tries fleurage semolina and seed toppings in a vegan cheese bread.

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