These are the American Society of Baking 2018 Innovation Awardees:

Remove chlorinated flour and aluminum from your cake ingredient label? In this interview, Chuck Galliher from Puratos discussed how Tegral Silver Layer Cake uses the fundamentals of hydration to create a system that can hold up to the sugar and fats in a typical high ratio cake system. This base has no trans fat, no artificial colors and flavors, no PGME, no aluminum and no chlorinated flour. Can’t believe this? Get a sample by calling 800-654-0036 or visit

ProTrax is an innovation from Intralox. It is a unique modular solution where they incorporate magnets into the belt itself. Bakers will get better pan alignment, less pan jams, longer pan and belt life and eliminating foreign material contamination. To get more information, contact 888-680-2358 or visit for more information.

What is a better way to load baskets? Colborne Foodbotics’ answer is the Servo Basket Stacker/Unstacker. It is an upgrade from a conventional automation system that reduces the stacking bottleneck by 30%. Sold as a stand alone unit, it can be installed within a shift. It is a true labor saver and robust basket stacking solution. 847-371-0101

Do you want to reduce the sodium content of your baked product while cleaning up your label? Try Ascentra® from Dairiconcepts. Ascentra is an ingredient made from a proprietary, milk-based fermentation process that enables the lowering of sodium content up to 50% while boosting salt perception, savory nuances and umami effects. Ascentra can be used to replace traditional ingredient sources of umami such as hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP), monosodium glutamate (MSG) or yeast extract, making your food products have a clean label and be gluten-free. Contact Marsha today at for samples.

How is a spiral conditioning system different from a typical cooling system? In this interview, Scott Houtz from Air Management highlights their Spiral Product Conditioning System. This includes temperature control, advanced filtration (to minimize mold spores) and a pressurized environment that is consistent in humidity. Cost benefits include huge energy savings, which makes their satisfied customers buy their systems again and again. To learn more, contact Scott at 877-742-5268 or visit

Stack-King is a simple, cost effective and easy to use stacking solution in the warehouse. Not only does it maximize cube utilization on trailers, it also allows you to up stack, down stack and sort in a safe way. This allows for safe handling of the trays within the power zone of the employees shoulder to knee area which changes the workplace dynamics for worker’s compensation and insurance premiums. Glenn Rindfleisch from Rehrig Pacific also covers the food sanitation systems that they provide. Call Glenn today at (239) 963-6163 or visit

Simple and recognizable ingredients. This was the basis used to develop Pristine Clean Label Cakes and Icing Stabilizers from Corbion. Kathy Sargent discusses the challenges of formulating for this clean label trend. Removing bleached flour, emulsifiers, polysorbates and aluminum and replacing it with enzymes and a combination of simple ingredients. Contact Corbion at

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