Sourdough might not be a new technique, but it’s the hot bread these days. What’s new in the world of sourdough? And what does it look like around the globe?

In this episode, Dr. Lin brings on guest Kevan Roberts, a master baker, teacher and author of the upcoming book, “Baking Sourdough.”

Kevan has been baking his whole career. Originally from the UK, he was first introduced to the art of sourdough in the south of France. From then on he was hooked, going on to opening a bakery and baking school in the UK. He has since gone on to help with new product development, designing recipes for supermarkets. Now an instructor at the Bread Ahead School in London, Kevan continues to work with sourdough, as well as donuts, ancient grains and more.

Commercial production of sourdough

Dr. Lin and Kevan discuss the journey of sourdough in the UK and US, and why it’s making a comeback in the baking industry. From clean label, to dealing with fermentation on a commercial scale, to bringing out flavors, they cover it all.

A few episode highlights are:

  • The science behind sourdough
  • Creating rich flavors
  • Research into sourdough and fermentation
  • The number one problem people run into with baking sourdough
  • Favorite recipes

So go grab a slice of your favorite sourdough, and enjoy!

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