In this third and final installment of BAKERpedia’s tour of IBIE 2019, Dr. Lin talks protein, heat stable emulsifiers and how to make gluten-free nutritional!

Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends.

Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019!

Resistant Starch with MGP

This year resistant starch was approved by the FDA as a dietary fiber on food labels. This cross linked starch offers some great benefits, both in nutrition and function. Here is more background about this starch, and its baking applications.

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Flavor Premix with Lallemand

Time to spice things up! Tortimix is a dry powder mix of natural ingredients with different flavors, ranging from mole to pico de gallo. Oh yeah, it’s also vegan. Just add flour, salt and water.

Pea protein and Potato Starch with Ciranda

Crop rotation is key in organic farming. Ciranda has found that peas fit in perfectly with the soil and timing for potato rotations. Their brown pea protein products add a favorable taste and rich nutritional properties.

Dry Vapor Steam Sanitation with Electro-Steam

It may sound like a contradiction, but this method of sanitizing is both efficient and effective. The dry steam is safe to touch, and eliminates water waste and wet floors. Dr. Lin learns how this technology works, and how it can help your cleaning process.

Gluten-free and Nutrition with Ingredion

Gluten-free baking can raise some challenges, like replacing the texture and nutrition that wheat flour provides. Ingredion shares their product lines of starches that provide specific textures, help with volume, and boost the nutritional profile of the baked good.

Alpha Dextrins with WACKER

Alpha dextrins are ring shaped sugar molecules, made out of starch. When mixed with water and fat, they work as an emulsifier that does an excellent job of retaining fat. Uses range from frozen goods, to heat stable icings to gluten free and egg free applications!

Smart Bakery with Doyon

Run your bakery smoothly and consistently with the Bake Suite. The machine connects to all the bakery’s equipment, from prepping to baking. It helps you manage workflow, keep track of your inventory, store your formulas, and scale up. Plus, learn about Doyon’s highly efficient ovens!

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