Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends.

Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019!

Thermal Profiling with BakeWATCH

You’ve probably heard Dr. Lin talk about the importance of thermal profiling before. Learn about the technology that makes tracking arrival, yeast kill, starch gelatinization and more possible. ECD has the tools to help you be objective and efficient with bake times and proofing.

Sourdough with Puratos

Did you know there’s a Sourdough Library that’s home to starters from over 120 countries? Learn about why Puratos studies sourdough, why it’s important to the baking industry, and how you can use liquid sourdough products to make your own signature bread.

Non-melting Inclusions with Balchem

With this inclusion blending technology, you can bake on trend with new colors and flavors, without worrying about bleeding or loss of colors. Learn about the science behind these lipid-based inclusions, and encapsulated preservatives and leavening systems.

Reduce Sodium with Delavau

Replacing salt in baked goods is difficult. Not only does it add flavor, but it has a key role in developing the gluten network. However, one solution is a patented calcium ingredient. Not only does it help fortify your product, but it can support the structure and texture of a reduced sodium product.

Crispy Fried Onions with Top Taste

Adding crispy onions to bread and pizza dough is a natural way to add flavor and texture. But with these onions, you’ll also be able to bake non-GMO, clean label, organic and gluten-free products!

Learn More: https://www.top-taste.com/en/products

Sustainable Flour with Soulanges Mills

For everyone out there looking for less expensive solutions to organic baking, check out sustainable farming from Soulanges Mills. Find out how they grow flour without chemicals and pesticides, to create a cost effective product.

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