What’s the best part about baked goods? The way they smell and taste, of course! It’s easy to forget that at the end of the day, taste is the key driver for better sales. But from a production standpoint, taste and aroma can be hard to quantify—and keep consistent! In this episode, Dr. Lin covers just how to do that.

Although first, she brings on a guest to talk about a great natural flavor solution: onions! In the natural, high protein and keto baking trends, bakers often turn to flavor masking to cover the use of alternative flours. However, herbs and spices like onions are a natural, delicious option.

Rien Murre is from TOP-Taste B.V., a family-owned company from the Netherlands. While they offer a whole range of onion products, their specialty is crispy fried onions. Raw onions are cut and fried into an end product that can be put directly into the bread dough for a big flavor punch and visual appeal.

Quantify Taste and Aroma

The next guest is Myrna Fossum, an expert sensory guru! And she has the solution many of you need! She shares about how a trained sensory panel can save money and time while greatly improving the quality of your product and process.

Some of the things she covers:

  • Why it’s important taste is objective and descriptive
  • What goes into training a sensory panel
  • How a sensory panel improves Research and Development
  • Issues with a one-person “Golden Tongue” tasting method

Want to learn more about sensory panels? You can get in touch with Myrna at [email protected].

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