Finding creative and practical ways to be sustainable is key for the baking industry. From the ingredients we use, and where they come from, we’re finding better ways to bake with the future in mind. Because being sustainable isn’t just what your business does, but the entire baking ecosystem!

There are a lot of companies out there making bold strides towards sustainability. Here are two that joined us for this episode.

Matco Foods

Safwan Ghori with Matco Foods joined Dr. Lin to discuss how this company is making a difference. Based in Pakistan, Matco Foods exports rice and rice byproducts all over the world. For the baking industry, this means rice syrup. However, 7 years ago they started the Friends of Farmers program to help their area. Safwan shares about how their unique program provides education for not only farmers, but for children in the area as well.

Aqua Faba

Water from soaked chickpeas may not seem that exciting. But did you know this simple byproduct can be used as an egg replacer? It’s easy to store, highly functional, and very sustainable. Luc Servanti, with Lincoln University in New Zealand, shares how this water waste can be repurposed, some of the research that’s been going into it, and what’s next for aqua faba.

What sustainable discoveries have you excited? Let us know in the comments!

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