There was just too much happening on the IFT trade show this year to limit it to one episode! The annual event has always been a place for finding new innovation and ingredients, and 2019 was no different. In this episode, Dr. Lin talks about oat fibers and hydrocolloids, vegan cheese, and sugar replacements.

Oat Fibers from Grain Millers

Robert Serrano shares about the many uses of oat fiber, which helps replace gums, improve rollablility and bread crumb. Plus, depending on the processing, it can be used in a gluten-free system. Grain Millers has also found ways to include more than just the oat hull fiber. So, bran and beta-glucans are included to help hold more water.

Vegan Cheese from Ingredion

Matt Yurgec talks about a vegan cheese that’s rich in protein, and a baked beet cracker from IFT. Both are made with texturizers that help improve quality. Ingredion has pea starch-based texturizers that help with sheatablity and expansion during baking, adding just the right about of crunch. Plus, he shares some other innovative uses for it.

Sugar Replacement from Tate & Lyle

With the new FDA ruling on sugar labeling, Jim Carr shares a solution that will solve a lot of problems. Tate & Lyle has been working with the ingredient allulose for years, to make it an affordable sugar replacement and calorie reducer. Jim talks about the research that’s gone into this ingredient, and what makes it so innovative.

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