On this unique episode of BAKED in Science, Dr. Carson presents the podcast series My Food Job Rocks, hosted by Adam Yee.

On his podcast, Adam talks to all kinds of industry professionals to help inform people about the cool jobs available in the food industry.

On this episode Adam interviews the CFO of Tyson Venture, Tom Mastrobuoni. Tyson Foods has been investing a number of innovative companies, such as Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats, and Tovala. Why? As Tom explains, investing in up and coming companies is the way to get ahead and be truly innovative. So not only do these new companies get a leg up, but the investing company gets a boost as well.

Tom talks about how Tyson Ventures finds ideas, how the deals are made and the most prominent or popular place for food companies.

Emerging Trends in Food

But how do you know which up and coming companies to get involved with? It helps to know what trends are on the horizon.  Adam and Tom talk about some of the biggest ones in the food industry such as:

  • Plant-based foods
  • Clean meat
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • And many more!

So join us as we listen into an insightful and entertaining conversation with insights into the food industry which are rarely shared.

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