What trends should you be paying attention to this year in the baking industry? Here are a few to keep on your radar.

But before you can be truly successful with new products and processes, you’ll need a solid foundation in some of the important aspects of baking and key functional ingredients. So Dr. Carson brings on Dr. Jayne Bock, the Technical Director for the Wheat Marketing Center, to answer a few commonly-asked questions such as:

  • What does peak time on a farinograph mean?
  • Why do flour properties fluctuate?
  • What’s the perfect pH for water for fermentation?

If you’re looking for more in depth answers, you’re in luck! Dr. Carson and Dr. Bock are launching a series of 2-day technical trainings, called bootcamps! This is the chance to get hands-on experience and learn from the experts! The first one is all about flour and functional ingredients!

Looking for something a little more inspirational? We’re also offering one day Growth Hacking seminars. It can take extreme creativity for growth and innovation, so these classes will introduce you to ingredients, equipment, and products to get you going!

So what where those trends?

Well, to find out Dr. Carson talks with Doug Peckenpaugh, Chief Editor of Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery. Here are a few he sees taking off in 2019:

  • Making Food Fun: products that are unique, tasty, and offer a little break in the day.
  • Healthy Aging: Foods that appeal to both baby boomers and millennials, and are full of nutritional benefits like whole gains, high fiber and antioxidants while still tasting good.
  • Sourdough: sparked by the public interest in baking their own bread, could this be the savior of white bread?
  • Cutting Costs: food producers are looking for ways to be more efficient, while improving products and lines.
  • Cannabis: Not only will we see the rise of small businesses, but there are also growth possibilities for CBD baked goods, offering health benefits without psychoactive effects.

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