Are low-FODMAP products the key to people eating bread again? If you aren’t familiar with the term, FODMAPs are fermentable short-chain carbohydrates that are hard to digest, triggering symptoms like bloating and discomfort. With over 15% of the Western world suffering from IBS, or wheat sensitivity, low-FODMAP foods tap into a huge market.

There are a millions of people who can enjoy bread again as we find ways to bake for low FODMAP. In this episode I talk with two companies who are making great strides in low-FODMAP baking.

Fazer is a Finland-based food company. During some consumer insight research, they found 1/5th of consumers were avoiding bread because of stomach issues. So they begin researching ways to remedy that. Their solution: a enzyme that solves the problem of FODMAPs without hurting quality, texture and taste of the final product!

Jussi Loponen, head of research at Fazer, stops by to explain how this enzyme works and how to bake with it. It’s a fascinating ingredient!

Learn more about Fazer LOFO!

Later on I’m joined by Carter Wands, who works in product development for Manildra Australia in the bakery sector. He has helped with the development of low FODMAP flours and a baking mix. He explains some of the nuances of FODMAPs, how to bake with their low-FODMAP flour, where this trend is headed, and the way it is changing people’s bread eating habits.

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