What’s one of the fastest growing areas of the baking industry with lots of room for innovation and new products? Tortillas! From wraps to tacos to chips, tortillas are big right now. In fact, the global tortilla market is projected to reach over $48 billion at a CAGR of 5.10% by 2023.

So to help all you bakers out, I bring some tortilla and snack experts onto this episode of BAKED in Science. My first guest is Luis Belozerco, a baking professional from AIB International, whose expertise is flatbreads, ranging from pizza to tortillas.

He shares what sets tortillas apart from other flatbreads, and the role ingredients play in making a product that has the needed extensibility and flexibility to be successful. We also chat clean label, gluten-free and what alternative ingredients work well. Louis talks about some innovative uses for tortillas, including chocolate ones!

AIB is hosting a Tortilla Seminar on April 16 – 19, 2019 in Manhattan, Kansas. Learn more here.

To dive deeper into the world of tortillas, I talk with Food Scientist Dilek Uzunalioglu from Ingredion about the science behind tortilla chips and other snacks. A few questions we tackle are:

  • What is the function of starches in dough formation?
  • What is pre-cooked starch?
  • How do you make crispy or crunchy textures in chips?
  • How can you reduce breakage in snacks?

If you’re looking for ingredient solutions and help launching new snack lines, Dilek shares how Ingredion can help with texture challenges and more.

Grab your favorite bag of corn chips and get ready for a crunchy episode!

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