You never know what bakery innovations you’re going to find at the IBA trade fair. Luckily, I got to learn about some cutting-edge products that offer interesting solutions to some of the biggest trends of the industry.

Steamed donuts

If you’re on social media much, you have have noticed people’s obsession with donuts. Is there a way to make donuts healthy, though? Now there is! Masdac International and Puratos have teamed up to create a steamed donut! The fat content is cut in half, and the shelf life is up to 15 days. I chat with Hoyte Smitt from Masdac International and Xavier Taverne from Puratos about this exciting technology, and its uses beyond donuts.

Learn more about steamed donuts at And go to to learn how you can test the equipment with Puratos.

Continuous vacuum cooling

Aston Foods has been perfecting the vacuum cooling process over the last 10 years. Today, they have a state of the art product and process that can cool bakery products in just 2-3 minutes, while dramatically increasing the quality of the product as well. CEO of Aston Foods Jörg Trübel shares perks of this technology.

To find out more, send Jörg an email at [email protected].

Fiber from chocolate?

When Interfiber started experimenting with getting fiber from coco husks, they planned on using it as a colorant for the baking industry. To their surprise, it turned out to have a powerful flavor, and could replace cocoa powder! Its uses range from chocolate cupcakes, sponge cakes, cookies and more. Plus, Witek Pastuszka from Interfiber shares about another ingredient that’s high protein, high fiber and looks great on a label: flax seed fiber!

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