Proteins, new innovations, crickets, a cereal scientist and a couple of dough heads: just your average episode of Baked in Science. This Bakers Roundtable comes from the IFT18 floor, where we cover some of some of the hot topics and products of the show.

The guests are:

  • Ody Maningat: PhD: Chief Science Officer at MGP Ingredients
  • Nick McCrery: Baking & Food Technical Services Director at AIB
  • Emily Guilfoyle: R&D Project Manager at T.Marzetti

A few things we discuss are:

Wheat Gluten Isolates: Dr. Maningat has spent a career working on adding value to gluten isolates and developing products that add protein and function. We discuss how to add protein to flatbreads and pizza without making it bucky, the science behind modified protein isolates, and how they look on your label.

Alternative Sugars: At IFT, a lot of options were floating around for sugar replacements that lacked the aftertaste many stevia-based products have. We talk about formulating with these new alternatives, and the many options on the market now, compared to a few years ago.

Mindful Eating and Sustainability: The group chats about the direction the food industry is moving in, new ingredients (crickets, anyone?) and the shift in trends and innovation.

ASB Product Development Competition: Emily, who is on the competition committee, shares about what’s so special about this for students and the industry, and this year’s contest focus.

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