The future of baking is clean label. And the future of clean label is sourdough. Why? Sourdough systems are cleaner systems. They involve a natural process and call for just a few ingredients. And low pH means mold isn’t really an issue.

So how do you bake a clean label Sourdough?

To answer that question, I first talk with George DePasquale, a baker with Essential Baking Company. They work with organic ingredients and a simple label as much as possible. Their sourdough products have been taking off the last five years. We talk about why fermentation and sourdough work so well for clean label, the biggest challenges, and ways to fine tune the process. I also answer a few of George’s questions, like:

  • How to replace Mono and Diglycerides
  • What enzymes to use
  • Why a thermal profile can make a big difference
  • How protein can help your crust

For another perspective on sourdough, I’m joined by David Deblauwe, a sourdough baker at Puratos. He has worked in bakeries since the age of 12 and has a real passion for all things sourdough. He shares his top three rules for baking sourdough, where most bakers go wrong, and the future of clean label sourdough. Also, we discuss why many bakeries are turning to ready-to-use sourdough solutions. To learn how to bake sourdough, come to our class!

Alright, now who’s ready to start some sourdough baking?

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