After getting over 12,000 views and a plenty of comments on our LinkedIn post showing Chadwick White throwing a gluten free pizza crust in the air, I was able to convince him to come on my show!

As one of the original founders of Udi’s bread, Chad shares the beginnings of his gluten-free journey, and the challenges he faced when sourcing gluten-free ingredients. He also discusses the importance of the secret ingredient he used for making the dough so elastic that it holds up while being thrown in the air!

Chad can be reached at [email protected].

Chirag Sabunani, a gluten-free baker, joined us to discuss the need for gluten-free products in India and asks Chad about shelf life extension techniques.

Also in this episode, we have a HVAC analysis expert, Paul Ziehr. He talks about segregating your bakery into a gluten-free area and what to look at when you do this. He recommends techniques you can use to save huge on energy costs.

Paul can be reached at [email protected].

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