BAKED In Science · EP79: The Bright Future of UV Sanitizing Technology

Shelf life extension is a significant concern for bakers, and with the rise of the clean label bakery trend, many are searching for more natural methods. Introducing UV sanitizing, which can be used to kill bacteria, molds, yeasts, and viruses on bakery products and is as natural as sunlight. Ultraviolet rays encompass the invisible spectrum of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 100–400 nanometers (nm). UV sanitizing referred to as UV-C rays covers the wavelength range from 100–280 nm.

In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Cajus Dinies, General Manager of Dinies Technologies, as well as Ken Sturgess and Nick Sturgess, Business Development Managers at Dinies North America to dive into the science behind UV sanitizing, how it can extend shelf life, and applications for it in the baking industry.

UV Sanitizing & Improving Shelf Life

Some topics they cover include:

  • How UV sanitizing fits into the food industry
  • The use of UV-C rays as a kill-step
  • Surface disinfection of bread products
  • UV Tunnels and commercial equipment solutions
  • Potential applications for UV-C disinfection

This podcast is brought to you by:

Dinies North America
This podcast episode is brought to you by Dinies North America – a pioneer in food safety. Our UVC equipment facilitates a 100% chemical-free process with zero by-products to extend your product’s shelf life. Perfect for organic and gluten-free breadstuff. It’s a completely natural solution, learn more at

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