There’s nothing more frustrating than baked goods getting stuck in their pans, which is why release agents are so valuable for commercial bakers. In the baking industry, release agents are used to help remove baked goods from baking pans, molds, tins, trays, conveyor belts, or packaging. With the industrialization of baked goods production also came the need for automation and systems to help release the product and speed up production, which requires an understanding of baking, engineering, and equipment maintenance.

In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Adam Oberheu, Equipment & Engineering Manager at Vantage Food.

Optimizing the Bakeout Phase with Release Agents

Nowadays, a wide variety of release agents are used in the baking industry depending on the application, type of product, formulation, production process, and desired shelf life of the product. Mark and Adam discuss how release agents can be specifically formulated for applications and equipment to maximize efficiency, help prevent product loss, and save bakers money.

Some topics they cover include:

  • Common issues with bread pan oilers
  • Best practices for selecting release agents
  • Advances in release agent automation
  • How release agents improve sustainability
  • The importance of maintenance and technical support

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