BAKED In Science Ep 77: Improving Shelf Life with Enzymes  BAKED In Science Ep 77: Improving Shelf Life with Enzymes

Shelf life extension is a complex issue that doesn’t have a simple solution, however, enzymes can be a useful tool on the journey towards keeping baked goods fresher longer. In bakery systems, enzymes can be utilized as dough conditioners, fermentation enhancers, and anti-staling agents. The latter is particularly interesting for bakers interested in extending the shelf life of their baked goods.

In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Dipak Roda, Vice President of Market & Business Development at Enzyme Innovation, Inc.

A chemical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Bioprocess Technology, Dipak has over 27 years of experience in enzymes and probiotics, ranging from product and application development to sales and marketing.

Enzymes for prolonged freshness

As bakery processing technologies and ingredient innovations advance, shelf-life extension has become more attainable. Mark and Dipak talk about how enzymes can be used to delay staling as well as maintain the moistness and softness of baked goods, while also allowing bakers to remove undesirable additives and formulate clean label baked goods. Also, how some enzymes are able to indirectly prevent mold, another huge concern for commercial bakers these days.

Some topics they cover include:

  • How enzymes play into shelf life extension
  • Measure staling and maintaining moisture
  • The interplay between starch retrogradation and softness
  • Dosing enzymes for your application
  • Adding probiotics to baked goods

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