BAKED In Science Ep 75: Unleashing Innovation in Baking Industry  BAKED In Science Ep 75: Unleashing Innovation in Baking Industry

Success in today’s baking industry calls for more than just making bread or cake. It requires a broad range of knowledge in fields like food science, engineering, R&D, and packaging—to name a few. Cross-training in these areas to expand skills allows bakers to take advantage of new opportunities and trends in the market.

So what should you focus on in today’s world of food? To help share the big picture of the baking industry, two seasoned experts and Certified Master Bakers join host Mark Floerke in this episode.

Richard Charpentier has over 35 years of extensive bakery experience in snacks and breads. Classically trained as a French baker and Certified Master Baker, he has gone on to include bakery science, grain milling and food history in his repertoire. Richard spent years working in the industry for retail bakeries and large CPG Brands, leading Research and Development teams. He is currently the CEO of Baking Innovation, finding practical uses for emerging innovations and technologies.

Peter Jacobs is a highly skilled RBA Certified Master Baker with over 40 years of baking experience. His passion for baking began in Europe in the ‘80s and has grown to include expertise in bread, bun, cake, and pastry production efficiencies. Peter uses his experience in the bakery and food production industry at his company, The Bakers Workshop, to consult clients in product development, production-line application, economic production efficiencies, formula development, and mentoring recruits.

The state of the baking industry

The three bakers sit down to talk over the state of the industry, hitting on topics such as:

  • Their start in the business and the changes they’ve seen over the years
  • Education and certification paths vs. in-the-bakery experience
  • Passing on knowledge and mentoring the next generation of bakers
  • Trends in the bakery industry

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